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JuStar Powerpack battery bracket JuStar Powerpack battery bracket
The handmade stainless steel powerpack battery holder is easily attached to your electric trolley. Suitable for all JuStar Powerpacks. Manufacturer advice JuStar recommends the storage of the battery within the golf bag. JuStar golf bags...
€100.00 *
Our brand-new JuStar golf trolley is unbeatable value for money. Elegant and practical, with its newly developed titanium silver-coated, lightweight aluminium alloy frame. The extremely durable, lightweight, non-corrosive material is...
€1,790.00 * €1,990.00 *
JuStar Bag JuStar Bag
featherweight golf bag made of durable nylon material, black-titanium 14-way club divider, 9 inch numerous spacious compartments, including insulated beverage pocket separate storage space for JuStar battery including bag hood and...
€119.00 *
JuStar Silver manual JuStar Silver manual
The sturdy JuStar Silver manual trolley enthrals with its ultra-lightweight design and robust aluminium frame. This manual trolley can be dissembled to a minimal packing size within seconds. State-of-the-art aluminium alloy premium...
€490.00 *
JuStar charge state display JuStar charge state display
With the help of the JuStar charge state display, you can check the charging condition of your JuStar Powerpack. The light-emitting diodes reflect the state of charge by five levels, each 20%.
€39.00 *
JuStar parking brake JuStar parking brake
To complement the downhill brake, all new electric JuStar trolleys can be ordered with an additional electronic parking brake, giving extra security even in the steepest of terrains.
€99.00 *
JuStar TITAN Classic JuStar TITAN Classic
The design is elegant and of enduring beauty, the price is unbeatable in its titanium class. Thanks to high- quality titanium material, our functional electric golf trolley guarantees maximum stability at minimum weight. The JuStar Titan...
€2,590.00 *
JuStar CARBON Light JuStar CARBON Light
The electric golf trolley JuStar Carbon Light is made of a full carbon frame in eye catching titanium finish and guaran- tees extraordinary stability and excellent driving pleasure. Two powerful high-tech motors together with a...
€2,190.00 *
JuStar carry bags JuStar carry bags
Robust padded carry bags for simple and clean transportation in your car. Colour: black. Carry bag STAR-TC for Model : JuStar Titan Classic. Dimensions: 65x60x20 cm / 25.5x23.5x7.8 inch Carry bag STAR-T for Model: JuStar Silver JuStar...
€120.00 *
JuStar Scorecard holder JuStar Scorecard holder
Scorecard holder including ball- and tee-support and a waterproof cover. With velcro glove holder at the bottom side.
€100.00 *
JuStar remote control JuStar remote control
Handy and clear transmitter. Your golf gear is always at the right place sparing you unneces- sary walking. Have more fun on the golf course moving your trolley forwards, backwards, left, right or straight 10-20-30 m (11/22/33 yds)...
€390.00 *
JuStar brake JuStar brake
Optionally available for JuStar Silver manual trolley, upgrade- able any time.
€80.00 *
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