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JuStar Scorecard holder JuStar Scorecard holder
Scorecard holder including ball- and tee-support and a waterproof cover. With velcro glove holder at the bottom side.
€100.00 *
JuStar towel JuStar towel
High-quality microfibre towel with clip-on hook. Colour: grey.
€10.00 *
JuStar golfer seat JuStar golfer seat
The superlight JuStar golfer seat made of full carbon is equipped with a weather resistant seating. It can be easily mounted to your JuStar trolley and comes inside a pratical nylon transport cover. (lacquered in titanium silver)
€250.00 *
JuStar golf balls JuStar golf balls
For a perfect feel from tee to green. High ball speed, 3 balls.
€6.00 *
JuStar Bremse JuStar brake
Optionally available for JuStar Silver manual trolley, upgrade- able any time.
€80.00 *
JuStar remote control JuStar remote control
Handy and clear transmitter. Your golf gear is always at the right place sparing you unneces- sary walking. Have more fun on the golf course moving your trolley forwards, backwards, left, right or straight 10-20-30 m (11/22/33 yds)...
€390.00 *
JuStar parking brake JuStar parking brake
To complement the downhill brake, all new electric JuStar trolleys can be ordered with an additional electronic parking brake, giving extra security even in the steepest of terrains.
€99.00 *
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